Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orange Parson

Orange Parson 1/0

The Orange Parson is a fly from Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannat's 1914 classic "How to Dress Salmon Flies." It's a variation on the old Irish Parson series of flies. I'm a sucker for the color orange and, aesthetically, this is my all-time favorite classic salmon fly. The orange feathers in the wing and throat are from the rare Cock-of-the-Rock. I used subs for this fly. I have some of the real thing, but you'd have to be crazy to use those feathers on a fly which will be (hopefully) covered in salmon spit! I have yet to hook a salmon on an Orange Parson, but I hope to very soon. It looks like it would make a great fly for high and/or dirty water.

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