Friday, September 14, 2012

L.T. Special

A salmon fly in autumn attire

The L.T. Special is a terrific fly for fall/backend salmon fishing. It is well used when camouflaged against the colors of the autumn leaves. The L.T. Special gets its name from its creator, Larry Tracy of New Brunswick, Canada (click link to read about Mr. Tracy and his famous fly).

Nature in autumn attire (note the resemblance)

I tie the L.T. Special with a couple of minor changes:

Hook: Daiichi 2441
Thread: Danville 6/0, fluorescent orange
Tip: Copper wire
Butt: Uni-Yarn, fluorescent orange
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Copper Bill's Bodi-Braid
Wing: Kelly green bucktail on top of orange buck tail; copper Krystal Flash
Collar Hackles: Yellow followed by red

The L.T. Special in action

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Bowl of Yummy Salmon Dry Flies

Salmon Cereal

My wife would probably shoot my a sideways look if she knew I used this Tiffany's crystal bowl to shoot a salmon fly picture. It was a wedding present so, the way I see it, it's half mine! Besides, she'd probably be more upset if I ate Cap'n Crunch from it, so at least it's getting some (clean and nutritious) use.

I decided to retie all my Bombers in a wider variety of sizes. I never tried using two hackles on a Bomber until now. I'm not sure if I like the doubled up hackle when using saddle (too heavy), but those tied with two long neck hackles seem okay. Also in the soup are some Carter's Bugs, Wulffs, a few Gaspé style dries and a few "secret weapons," courtesy of my friend Bob.

With the low water and long summer we've had, I hope to put some of these to good use on the Naugatuck this season. The rest will have to wait until I get onto some good dry fly water/conditions on a wild salmon river, which is a scenario I rarely find myself in. I'm almost always too early or too late. My dad is itching to make a trip to Newfoundland sometime in the future. That might be the ticket. Fingers crossed...