Friday, September 14, 2012

L.T. Special

A salmon fly in autumn attire

The L.T. Special is a terrific fly for fall/backend salmon fishing. It is well used when camouflaged against the colors of the autumn leaves. The L.T. Special gets its name from its creator, Larry Tracy of New Brunswick, Canada (click link to read about Mr. Tracy and his famous fly).

Nature in autumn attire (note the resemblance)

I tie the L.T. Special with a couple of minor changes:

Hook: Daiichi 2441
Thread: Danville 6/0, fluorescent orange
Tip: Copper wire
Butt: Uni-Yarn, fluorescent orange
Rib: Copper wire
Body: Copper Bill's Bodi-Braid
Wing: Kelly green bucktail on top of orange buck tail; copper Krystal Flash
Collar Hackles: Yellow followed by red

The L.T. Special in action

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