Friday, March 2, 2012

Product Review: Finsport Fly Wallet 6"x3" (tube fly storage)

Finsport Fly Wallet-6x3

I had a Cabela's gift card so, with tube fly storage in mind, I decided to try out a Finsport Fly Wallet (size 6x3). The 6"x3" refers to the size of the ziploc-style pages inside the wallet. The outer dimensions are approximately 7.5"x5.5", which was the right size to fit in the outer pocket of my Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack (reviewed here).

Complete wallet w/bound pages
This size wallet has 12 pages, split between two removable, velcro-bound inserts. Individual pages cannot be removed from the velcro binding, but each 6 page insert can be removed from the wallet itself. One insert has 6 full-sized pages and the other has two full sized pages and eight half pages (for storing small flies, tubes, accessories, etc.).

Pages removed from wallet

I will probably fill the entire wallet with tube flies, but I could see one storing relatively flat items in it, such as tippet spools, polyleaders, junction tube, etc. There is definitely more than enough space for all my tube flies (and tubes yet to be tied). The plastic does squash the hackle a bit, but it does so evenly on all sides. I'm sure the tubes will "spring back to life" as soon as they hit the water.

Orvis No Rust compartment box (small)
Because the wallet pages are flat, it would be difficult (not to mention destructive and potentially hazardous) to store double or treble hooks inside the wallet itself, however, single hooks will lay flat and would probably do well in one of the half pages. Since I carry singles, doubles and trebles, I have chosen to keep all my hooks together in a small Orvis No Rust compartment fly box.

The Finsport Fly Wallet has a mesh outside pocket. I'll probably use it to store my wet tube flies within, as they will be able to dry out a bit and they won't magically disappear on me, which seems to be a problem from time to time.

Tube & hook storage combo
The true test of this product will happen during the upcoming fishing season. I have high hope for this wallet, especially given its modest price of $16-$17. I can fit many more tubes in it than in my old compartment-style box and it takes up less space overall. 

Do you have any suggestions for tube fly storage solutions? If so, please feel free to share down below! 

UPDATE-March 2013

I've used this for a little more than one season now and I like it just as much as when I first bought it. When I finish using a tube fly, I remove the hook and place the tube in the outside pocket. They dry off just fine. I still use the small Orvis box to store the bulk of my hooks, but I stick as many as I think I'll need for a day of fishing right into the foam inside covers of the wallet. The little yellow hook box stays in my pack for backup. Really, I don't need to use the Orvis box at as long as I'm not going to use any treble hooks. Also, I stick tubes (attached to hooks) into the foam if I think I'll use them sometime that day. It makes them easier to retrieve than if I had to dig through the plastic pouches. I'm planning on carrying fewer flies with me this season and I am only using the page with the small and large pouches. We'll see how that works out.

I still think this is a tremendous product for the price.

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