Friday, September 27, 2013

Naugatuck Report - September 27, 2013 - A Brief Morning Jaunt

Albeit brief, the most exciting moment of the day was
a result of this Green/Brown split-wing Bomber

Junior was on a overnight trip to Grandma's house, so I got up early and fished for a few hours. As a professional musician, I'd much rather sleep in the morning and fish the afternoon-to-evening shift. Sometimes it has to be a morning affair, I guess.

I fished from 7:00am to 10:30am. As always, the water was really low. I started in a fast run, first with a Blue Butterfly. Nothing wanted the Butterfly, so I went small again with a #10 Almost. I had a strong pull about midway down the run. The fish didn't get hooked and I couldn't get him to come over...I tried a few other flies and presentations, but that was the end of the action here. 

I moved to a slow pool, sort of dreading what the water was going to be like at this level. I knew there would be fish there, so I figure it was worth a chance. This is a strange pool. It's pretty deep in places and can be difficult to fish and wade. Actually, I find it more difficult to fish in low water than in higher water, despite the potential wading hazards. Then, if you can hook a salmon, the next hurdle is landing it, which is not always easy to do while fishing this pool alone. 

I saw a fish roll and I moved down the pool to target him. The fly was the ever deadly #10 M1 Killer. I had another strong pull, but no hookup. Again, I couldn't get this fish to come back. Damn! 

The highlight of the day occurred moments thereafter. I saw a different salmon roll, but this fish was closer to me than the last one. The flow was so slow. Fishing a wet was difficult, so I might as well try a dry. It would be a difficult task given my poor position, but none of my options were very good ones. I pitched a #6 split wing Bomber (green w/brown hackle) towards the lie. The fish immediately rolled for the dry. And that was the end of that...another one who wouldn't come back...

I moved to a pool which was very good to me last season. This pool is not stocked, so I was hoping to find some fish who might have moved in with the last raise of water. I didn't find them. 

Then it was time to go home. Oh fish hooked despite some interest. I just tied up some very small low water flies to deal with the sluggish flow and the reluctant takers. Hopefully I can give them a shot tomorrow.


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