Saturday, November 2, 2013

Naugatuck Report - November 2, 2013 - Guide Trip

Salmon #2...piece of cake!
Earlier in the week, I was a little afraid we'd get too much rain on Friday and this trip would have to be rescheduled. It really didn't rain much at all. That was a blessing for us today, though more rain wouldn't have been a bad thing in the long run. 

Akbar and I were on the water by 10am. The river was definitely up a little bit, but still a little too low for my liking. Oh well, I've been doing well in much lower water than this. The river topped out around 54ºF, which is up about 6ºF from the last time I fished. That was a nice surprise. The only problem today was the color of the river, which was still a little off-color from yesterday's rain. We could see our wading boots, so I was still optimistic. 

Akbar is an Atlantic salmon rookie, but handled himself like an old pro today, landing two and rolling a third. Akbar saw the second fish roll upstream from him, went back to the top of the pool and nailed  it without any assistance from me (I was on shore, rigging another rod at the time). I scurried back downstream with the camera while the salmon put on an impressive ariel display. A few minutes later and the fish was safely netted, photographed and quickly returned. 

Like my last two trips, all the action was on Ally's Shrimp (#2 conventional fly today & aluminum tubes last week). Ally's Shrimp is my go to fly when the water is starting to getting cold...lower 50s down to upper-to-mid 40s. They've been a hot seller in the Fly Shop this fall and I only have a couple left. I need to tie more for myself, so I will restock them as soon as I have the chance to tie more. 

I still have some openings for guided "Salmon School" trips, so contact me to book a trip before it's too cold and I go into winter fly tying/hibernation mode!


  1. Nice job putting him onto fish Ben!
    PS. Closed down Ravine Angler (hacked) new blog Wild Trout Angler.

    1. Thanks, John! Hacked, huh? That sucks. I hope this blog doesn't get hacked…maybe I should figure out how to back it up…thanks for the heads up…I'll bookmark the new blog. Good luck tracking down Walter!

    2. Yeah some old posts were getting redirected to other sights, advertising I believe but I was afraid to open them up. I have very little computer savvy so I just shut it down and started anew. Haven't seen him again. Found out the bait fisherman did a number on the trout over the summer in my stream. Just hope they ate them and didn't try to release nearly dead fish.


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