Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Fly is the Key - Guideline/Mikael Frödin

If you haven't seen them already, Swedish tackle manufacturer Guideline and innovative fly tyer Mikael Frödin regularly publish helpful salmon fishing tutorials on their YouTube channel. Being a fly tying junkie, the most recent video, "The Fly is the Key," is my favorite so far. Frödin discusses which attributes help make a salmon fly successful in different conditions and types of water.

Turbo Bombers...I can't wait to tie and fish these

I love the cutting edge fly designs of the current crop of progressive Scandinavian tyers. Their flies are so much different from what we typically use in North America, but I think there is a lot of potential for cross-pollination. Speaking of North American/Scandinavian cross-pollination, the fly that really caught my eye was the Turbo!! As a big Gartside Gurgler fan, the Turbo Bomber is right up my alley. Time to order some turbo discs...


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