Monday, March 2, 2015

Manny's Salmon

Congrats, Manny! 

My friend and fly customer, Bill, keeps me well updated on how the salmon fishing is going on eastern Connecticut's Shetucket River. Between Bill and his sons, it seems like someone is always hooked up to a salmon. A few months ago, Bill sent me a picture of his son Manny's first Atlantic salmon. It is a really nice picture. So nice, it was recently chosen as the cover of the 2015 Connecticut's Angler's Guide! Here is Bill's account of Manny's salmon:

"After seeing what appeared to be a rolling salmon downstream of the riffle, my son Immanuel, better known as Manny, focused and determined, made what seemed like a thousand casts as he methodically swung a Mickey Finn through the run. At last the he felt the solid pull at the end of his line. The fight was on! Like a seasoned veteran, Manny finessed the fish and brought his first Atlantic Salmon to hand. Manny released this fish back into the Shetucket River unharmed."

Way to go, Manny! Especially the catch and release part.

In the words of the friend who introduced me to Atlantic salmon fishing, "Another life ruined!" Bill was last seen booking a family salmon fishing trip to Iceland.

Here are some pics of some of the family's catches...


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