Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Getting Into the Spirit

Tying for a trip is my favorite kind of tying

Until this fall, I had never entered a preseason draw on any Quebec salmon rivers. I bought ten tickets for the Grand Casapedia wading sector and five for B sector on the Petite Cascapedia. Though I would love to fish the little river, I really want to fish the Grand. I didn't think I would win anything. In fact, I questioned why I was throwing money away. It's a little easier to stomach throwing money away when the exchange rate is favorable, however.

Anyhow, I didn't come up with much on the Petite Cascapedia. I was reservist #175. To my surprise, I drew #13 on the Grand Cascapedia! I still can't believe my luck. Not bad for my first try. I booked one day on the Lake Branch (89 run w/guide & canoe) and two days on the Salmon Branch. Since I'll be up there already, I'll pad the week with a few days on sectors C and D on the Bonaventure and try to score some more water in the 48 hour draws. 

Usually, I don't plan this far in advance. I like to shoot from the hip. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn't. I decided to take a chance on a last minute trip last season and didn't end up going at all. It's nice to know I'm definitely going next year. 

I'm looking forward to getting my first shot at the big June Cascapedia salmon. I'm glad I bought that 13'9" 9 wt. rod, even if I didn't have plans to use it. I am going to practice with it often this spring. 

I can't wait to start tying for this trip over the winter. I mainly fish Miramichi-style flies everywhere, but I look forward to embracing some styles of salmon fly tying that are less familiar to me. I decided to kick off the trip tying early with a style I know fairly well. The Lady Amherst (pictured above) seemed like the most appropriate place to start. 

I'm not done with fishing yet this fall, but my thoughts are consumed with the anticipation of next June!

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