Saturday, November 5, 2011

Upcoming Events and Fly Assortment Sale

Six CT Broodstock Salmon Fly Assortments

Here are some upcoming events you might want to check out:

“Traditional Methods for Broodstock Atlantic Salmon” 
Veterans Memorial Clubhouse
100 Sunset Ridge
   East Hartford, CT 06118
November 9, 2011

Demo Fly Tyer

Arts of the Angler Show
Ethan Allen Inn
21 Lake Avenue Extension
Danbury, CT 06811

November 12, 2011
November 13, 2011

On sale for a limited time:

CT Broodstock Salmon Fly Assortment

Each hand-tied assortment contains seven of my most productive flies for Connecticut broodstock Atlantic salmon. One of the six will be raffled off at the CT Fly Fisherman's Association meeting on November 9th. The remaining five will be on sale through PayPal (shipped via USPS) or directly through me at the CFFC&M show in Danbury or at the salmon fishing presentation. The cost is $28.00 plus shipping and handling (if ordered with PayPal). The assortment includes one of each of the following flies:

Sunray Shadow (1" plastic tube, approx. 4"-5" total length)
Ally's Shrimp (#2) 
Mickey Finn (#6)
Claret Shrimp (#6)
Butterfly w/green and red butt (#4)
Sugerman Shrimp (#2)
Same Thing Murray (#6)

The Lucky Seven
These flies are fish catchers! Get them while they last. Contact me for more info. 


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