Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orange Parson, Revisited

Orange Parson, after

The first classic salmon fly I posted on this blog, Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannat's Orange Parson, is my favorite classic salmon fly pattern. It is not my favorite for its fish-catching abilities (though I hear it's one of the better ones) as much as for aesthetic reasons. Having never hooked a salmon on a classic before, I never had much confidence in them.

My luck finally changed yesterday morning. A salmon followed my Green Highlander tube and rose for it as I stripped up the running line to prepare for my next cast. It would not come back for the Highlander, so I tried the trusty Sugerman Shrimp. The fish wanted nothing to do with that fly. I rested the salmon for a few minutes while I changed flies and talked to an angler who was watching from the river bank. I figured now was as good a time as any to try a classic. The salmon took the Orange Parson in the early part of the fly's first swing. After releasing the salmon, I was relieved that my first fish on a classic salmon fly was on the Orange Parson which, for the time being, has reestablished its place as my favorite, though no longer just for its good looks.

Orange Parson, during


  1. Congrats Ben on the first salmon on a classic! I would be hesitant to fish such a beautiful fly unless it wasn't too bad to tie, although it looks like it held up well

  2. As far as classics go, this one is not a very demanding tie. The only potentially tricky part is getting the slips of wood duck to lay flat against the wing. Everything else is pretty straight forward.


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