Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Pair of True Classics

The Major and the Jock Scott, tied to throw

The Major and the Jock Scott are two of the most iconic flies in the history of fly fishing. Nowadays, they are most often seen tied in very large sizes for framing. I have tied and framed both of these patterns, but now I tie them for the river. As such, plenty of liberties have been taken with material selection. Hopefully, those snooty salmon won't object.

Jock Scott 5/0, tied for the wall 

The Major 4/0

A 2/0 J.S., about to embark on its maiden voyage


  1. And did they produce? Both fantastic patterns.

  2. Not yet...just the Orange Parson so far. I only fished the J.S. of this pair. I'm going to swim some of these suckers in Russia though. I figure I stand a lot better chance there.


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