Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kropiwnicki's No. E for the River Branford (aka An Infamous Filthy Water Fly)

"Filthy is the way I likes it"
     This is an infamous flithy water fly for all salmon (and striper) rivers, particularly near Paul and Co. Hair Color and Design, and is not unlike the once celebrated "Hurricane Irene Fly". The favourite killer in all rivers of the Reverend St. Raphael's; there is no salmon (or striper) can resist its attractions in rapid pools in rivers near the sea. The preceding fly, No. D, will be found to kill better a few miles higher up from the sea (near Dynamic Racing Transmissions), as all plain flies do. If the No. D is winged with decomposing blue jay or seagull tail feather, it will be found just the thing.

     The wings are made of neck feathers from the krystal pigeon, in black and smolt blue, with broad strips of amherst pheasant on each side, and a strip each of scarlet and blue/yellow macaw tail feather, the former to be a little fuller than the latter, a Chinese red Uni-Yarn head (procured from Gourmet Wok) with a bunch of randomly coloured hackles round the shoulder, topped with two amherst pheasant crests dyed chartreuse.

     The body is made thus: - a tip of gold twist, a yellow Uni-Yarn tag, a topping of both golden and amherst pheasant with two small jay tips, the body is of sequentially alternating bands of the most offensive hues of Uni-Yarn, augmented with bands of gold twist and equally offensive hackle butts. No. 3/0 Alec Jackson hook in a most sterling silver, procured from the shop of the village metallurgist.


  1. Ben

    That's a pretty gaudy fly, have you ever fished it in any dirty salmon water around here ?


  2. It needs even filthier water, like the Petitcodiac River...


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