Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Hammer

The Hammer - sz. 5/0

As of a couple of weeks ago, the 2011 fishing season ended for me. It was a good season, but I'm ready to switch gears and move back to the tying bench for the winter. A lot of people enjoy fishing throughout the year, but I need time to cleanse the palette. I enjoy tying relatively involved flies and learning new techniques, most of which I'd never take the time to do while the fishing is hot. After a month or so, I'll have cabin fever, but I have a lot of good memories to reflect on this season past, as well as some adventures to look forward to (and tie for) in 2012.

Also, I absolutely detest the cold and snow. I wasn't made for this climate. If not for a career in music, I'd be living in Hawaii now! I guess that's why I'm not a steelheader.

Anyhow, aside from some classics for fishing, the "The Hammer" is kicking off the "fancy fly" tying season for me. Stay tuned for more to come...

The Hammer
-original design-

Hook: Mustad 3899 5/0
Tip: oval silver tinsel
Tag: red floss followed by green embossed tinsel
Tail: topping
Butts: light blue hackle, followed by red hackle, followed by ostrich herl
Body (1): red floss, ribbed with green embossed tinsel
Body (2): jungle cock nails, tied chatterer-style 
Body (3): "red feathers", tied chatterer-style, with one small jungle cock nail on each side
Bottom Wing/Throat: pair of jungle cock nails; kingfisher cheeks; two toppings below all
Wing: jungle cock nails with pair of dark green hackles slightly shorter than the j.c.; broad strips of amherst pheasant above; four toppings above all
Head: ostrich herl


  1. Ben: I venture that you're not a steelheader because, very sensibly, you have not made the grave error of angling for them. The rest of us are surely cursed.

    What a unique fly. Traditional, but it also has overtones of Val's futuristic sculpture. Quite superb.

  2. Trouble is steelheading takes place when I'm working the most. In fact, that's why I moved my salmon fishing to summer instead of fall. Summer fish are more fun anyhow, but the flies are something awful.

    I went to Pulaski last spring, supposedly to swing flies to late runners and dropbacks. For the most part, we were too late. I did catch an early run Atlantic though, so go figure.

  3. Steelhead or no, I'm never going to stop hating winter. If ever I get enough time to make a pre-cold NY run, I'm there...


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