Monday, October 29, 2012

CT Salmon Fishing News - Late October 2012

Waiting for the take

Well, until Hurricane Sandy made her appearance known, fishing had been quite good on the Naugatuck River. In fact, multiple hookup days were quite normal for many of the regulars. I don't know which flies have been producing consistently for other anglers, but the usual suspects have been working for me. LT Specials and Mickey Finns in sizes #4-#8 and the Same Thing Murray in sizes #6-#8 have all worked well for me this week. A #8 Murray was my top producer, hooking four fish for me this week. I use the LTs and the Mickey Finns when it's sunny and the Murray when it's cloudy.

When all else fails or when the pool has been pounded, I go to a Sunray Shadow. Sometimes I cast it directly across stream and let it swing and other times I strip it as fast as I can. I landed a belter of a 10lb. salmon on an orange Mortensen Sunray early last week. Surprisingly, it was a bright chrome fish, something that is not seen too often around here. He fought like a bright fish, too!

The next day, I lost one about the same size which fought even harder. He was fairly close by, maybe about 40' away. He rose twice, very subtlety, for a #6 Mickey Finn. I tried a #10 Murray, but no dice. I put on a #8 Mickey Finn and he grabbed it with enthusiasm. He made several head-high jumps, cartwheeled through the pool and went absolutely crazy. I realized I needed to chase him down to the tail of the pool when I was about a turn or two from my backing. He weaved in and out of a minefield of large rocks and there were some very close calls. He was a good ways downstream from me when I felt my line catch on something. I couldn't get it unstuck and I still felt the salmon on the end of the line. Eventually, I was able to free the line, but the hook pulled out shortly thereafter. It was good while it lasted! I've caught wild Atlantic salmon which didn't fight half as hard as that fish. If they were all like that I'd call in sick to work an awful lot.

The snag that cost me that hot fish

Yesterday, fishing was very sluggish. I hooked nothing, but was able to help my friend's son catch his first Atlantic salmon. He is a very quick study. He hooked this fish on our first pass through the pool. I have a feeling it won't be long before he hounds his father to take him Canada! (then maybe Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Russia...)

First Atlantic salmon!

I haven't fished the Shetucket River this year, but I hear it has been fishing well. Several salmon were caught on dry flies early in the month. I always get funny looks when I fish dries around here but, when the conditions are right, these fish will rise for dry flies. That said, the window for fishing dries is extremely limited at this time of year. Some years it's not a very good option at all. The beginning of this season, before the brief cold snap, was the right time for it. I rolled one fish on a Bomber my first day out, but couldn't get him to come back. Maybe next year...

We'll see what happens after this hurricane passes. I'm afraid it might be a while before the rivers come down enough to fish again. If they do come up a significant amount, I'll be praying that they fall fast so we can get out there as much as possible before it's time to bundle up.

I'm out of salmon fly assortments at the moment, but just holler if you want flies. I can do custom orders. As the water cools off, I'll be fishing with tube flies more and more. Tubes are available upon request. I can recommend patterns which have produced well for me in the past. 

 Make sure you stop by the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum's Arts of the Angler Show. It's at the Ethan Allen Inn in Danbury, CT on 11/10 and 11/11. I'll be tying there along with plenty of friends. Come by and say hello!

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