Sunday, December 30, 2012

Statistics and Blog Cross-Pollination

Check it out!

I'm fascinated by the statistics of this blog. It's very helpful for me to see what people search for and how they arrive here. Based on the number of page views, here are the top five individual* flies posted to this blog thus far:

1. Ghost Stonefly
2. Ally's Shrimp
3. H.M.'s Sunray Variant
4. Sugerman Shrimp
5. Ransome's Elver

*certain fly collections have more views

Of these five flies, #2-#4 have been very productive for me and have earned a permanent spot in my fly box. I first fished the Ghost Stone this season, but have yet to move a salmon with it. I have never fished Ransome's Elver and the one pictured is the only one I have ever tied. I probably would give it a shot if feathers from the Vulturine Guineafowl were more readily available.

While checking the stats this morning, I came across a site called, based in Lithuania. I noticed this blog is linked in one of their blog posts, so I clicked the link to check it out. Their post "The Heroes of Timan" (translated with help from Google) tells the story of their experience with the Sugerman Shrimp. It was a very good read! It seems like they had good luck with my favorite salmon fly. Besides that post, their whole website is a real treat. The photography is absolutely stunning and the flies are masterfully tied. I highly recommend visiting!

As always, please feel free to make requests directly to me. If possible, I'll try to help however I can. I've noticed some searches for Buck Bug how-to's, so I might try a step-by-step post or instructional video sometime in the future. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for writing about us! We are really happy for that. And thank you for a good and informative website. Sugerman Shrimp really did it's job in Russia last summer. Although the water was low and warm, the fish very passive, this fly still turned them on. Especially on bright weather. Sizes 8-6 where the best. And we also caught enormous amount of grayling too!

    1. That's great! My favorite Sugerman is a #10 double. I think the small sizes are the way to go, though big ones (#2 & #4) worked for my friend and me on the Kola last June. Very cool that the graying took them too.

      Oh yeah...great job on those classics you've been tying! Good luck with them.


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