Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ransomes Elver (experimental post from new iPhone 4S)

Ransome's Elver #2, iPhone 4S photo (size reduced)

Here's a pic of an unusual streamer-type pattern tied for U.K. salmon and sea trout fishing. It is supposed to represent an elver (juvenile eel), which the salmon and trout eat while at sea. I've never heard mention of it being a particularly productive pattern, but that might have something to do with the scarcity of the materials needed to tie it. Not every tyer has easy access to jungle cock, let alone vulturine guinea fowl (used for the wing and hackle).

Once this post has been published I'll check it out on the computer. If it looks okay, I'll try more mobile posting, perhaps even stream-side. I'll try to post at least once from the upcoming CFFC&M Arts of the Angler show next month in Danbury, CT.

edits: Apostrophes don't work in the titles?? The Blogger app is definitely kind of quirky. If I use it for mobile posting, it's going to be quick and dirty. The camera on this phone is pretty impressive, though it is hard to hold still when taking a pic.

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