Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fly Box, old

A classic Wheatley fly box, overflowing with flies

This Richard Wheatley box has served me well over the past two seasons. It has always felt a little crammed, however. It isn't a particularly good box for storing Butterflies. I am going to try out a C&F knockoff-style box and see how that fares. It's bulkier than the Wheatley, but the wings on the Butterflies won't get crushed and it should do a better job of holding large streamers/bucktails, as well as larger shrimp patterns. Of course, the new setup is much less elegant than the old one, so it won't be photographed surrounded by rare and expensive feathers. Seeing as how it's not even a genuine C&F box, maybe a pic on a dirty sidewalk, surrounded by pigeon feathers would be more appropriate?

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