Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bo Peep

Bo Peep, dressed on a #4 hook

Kelson's Bo Peep is a sort of derivative of Major John Popkin Traherne's Blue Boyne. A bright fly, the Bo Peep was meant to be fished on sunny days. In its time, the Bo Peep was considered a low water fly and was tied on hooks size 7 and smaller (!). I don't see why it wouldn't work in higher water and have tied it on a size 4 hook.

Bo Peep 
Tag: Silver twist (plenty)
Tail: Toucan* (three) and two small Chatterer* (back to back)
Butt: Black herl
Body: In three equal sections of silver tinsel (oval, the finest): No. 1, butted with Toucan* above and below, followed by black herl. No. 2, butted with Indian Crow* above and below, followed by black herl
Throat: (or No. 3 section)-Double Chatterer* feathers (back to back) on off and on near side
Wings: Ibis* and red Macaw in fibres, and three toppings. 

Horns: Amherst Pheasant
Head: Black herl

*subs used

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