Saturday, March 29, 2014

Naugatuck Report - March 28, 2014 - Okay, I lied...

"The pleasantness of the river, mountains, or meadows about it, cannot be
described, unless Sir Philip Sidney or Mr. Cotton's father were again alive to do it."
-Isaac Walton

I said I was done. The weather was right. The days are nice and long again. The best trout fishing is yet to come. One more trip couldn't hurt.

I didn't take the water temperature, but the air temperature was definitely warmer. It was an overcast day with drizzle to light rain. The water was flowing at a moderate level and actually rose a bit throughout the day. 

The salmon were on the take, but they were very nippy takes. I hooked three, landed one and had a couple of pulls. The pullers weren't grabbing enough to get hooked, but they seemed to grab enough of the hook to get spooked. The lost fish grabbed, but very softly and the hook sets weren't too good. 
The salmon were interested in a German Snaelda and the Catch-A-Me Lodge, but they seemed to be nipping at the back ends of the flies. A Willie Gunn with a far rearward hook sealed the deal on the one fish I landed. 

There was a lot more trout activity than I have seen in a while. The stocking truck must have visited recently. I picked up two rainbows, one on the Snaelda and one on the Willie Gunn. I felt a lot of small taps through out the day, too. 

This is the first season I've fished for CT salmon in the winter/spring. I definitely prefer the fall. The fish are more active, fight harder, and are willing to take smaller flies fished on or just under the surface in the fall. But hey, it's something to do. And the riverside trash can provide amusement, too...

The season closes for three weeks on April 1st, so I guess I really am done now.


  1. Thanks for the update Ben! Always enjoy your posts, but....dude....that picture is scary!

    1. Haha...Yeah, I agree. I saw it on the way down to the pool. I started fishing, but decided I had to put my rod down and get a picture of it. If I had my box of classic salmon flies with me, I would have loved to drape them all around the dismembered doll. Good times...

  2. I thought you were a catch n release guy and you killed Chucky? So how did you do it?

    1. I carry Bushwick Bill around in my sling pack to take care of all my dirty work.


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