Monday, September 1, 2014

Micro Snaelda Conehead: Step-By-Step

The materials

Micro Snaelda

Tube: Small plastic tubing w/junction tubing tied directly on the tube 
Flash: 4 strands of pearl Krystal Flash 
Tail: Yellow, orange and black bucktail
Body: Large brass or tungsten cone, matte black
Hackle: Black hen saddle

Step 1: Using a sharp razor, cut a piece of small plastic tubing and attach a piece of junction tubing. In this case, I used HMH rigid plastic tubing and the thick junction tubing included in the package. 

Step 2: Affix the tying thread to the small section of junction tube that overlaps with the small plastic tubing. Other than the hackle, all tying is done on top of this junction tubing. 

Step 3: Tie in four pieces of pearl Krystal flash and cut to roughly 1" in length

Step 4: Cut, clean and stack a small bunch of yellow bucktail. Tie it in on top of the junction tube. Use your thumb and finger to distribute it about a third of the way around the tube. 

Step 5: Repeat with orange and black bucktail.

Step 6: Cut the butt ends of the bucktail so they end at the forward most edge of the junction tube. 

Step 7: Whip finish and add a light coat of Krazy Glue or head cement. 

Step 8: Slide a cone all the way back, over the butt ends of the bucktail. 

Step 9: Reattach the thread just ahead of the cone. If the cone is loose fitting, you might have to build a small layer of thread to help keep it in place. 

Step 10: Prepare a hen saddle feather by stoking the barbs downward and trimming the tip of the feather. 

Step 11: Tie the hackle in by the tip. Fold the barbs rearward while wrapping the hackle around the tube. 

Step 12: Tie off the hackle feather and trim what's left. Form a small head and whip finish.

Step 13: Remove the fly from the needle and trim the excess plastic tubing with a sharp razor. Carefully burn the end of the tube to flare the plastic. 

Step 14: Coat the head in lacquer and you're done! 

Add a small hook and it's ready to fish

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