Saturday, November 26, 2016

Naugatuck Report - Late November - Blah, blah...Cascades...blah...

Shumakov Cascade

     Kind of tired...don't want to put much thought or effort into this at the moment, but this blog is my "fishing journal" (juicy data stored off site!). Forgive my laziness...

Day before Thanksgiving...lend rod and reel to Val (check out his art and fly tying!) for him to test out...tie him a fly an hour before he gets to my house...not enough time for head cement to dry, so I use Solarez instead. Fly is a sz. 6 Cascade...Val catches 30" salmon first pass through pool...mission accomplished...

Saturday after Thanksgiving...finally, a day to land a fish for guy fishing with Rapala w/multiple treble hooks...frustration at lack of respect for regulations sets in early...growing more irritable throughout the day...put my time in, catch one salmon at popular pool...took a Cascade tied on an aluminum Shumakov Long Range tube...tied the fly for Russia 2012...nice to see it work after sitting my pack for 4.5 years. That was the only action of the day...

Cascades (in various forms) seem to be put producing every other fly for me at the moment.

Stuff to do, then bed...back at it tomorrow...Fun, as always, but sort of looking forward to playing drums full time again...over and out

Val's fish while I cleaned the gutters


  1. Hey, it is good to see that someone in getting out there, fishing and catching! Hope all this recent rain will refresh the rivers and turn the fish on.

    1. I got skunked yesterday! Thank goodness for this rain. I have been getting burned out fishing the same spots all season long. The more water the better!


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