Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naugatuck Report - November 1, 2016 - Quick Trip, Quick Report

It was "one and done" today.

     I had a couple of hours to fish this evening, so I braved the horrendous traffic on I-84W and made my way to the river. It was surprisingly warm today. The air was 71º when I checked it and the water was 64º. That's a world of difference from the last time I fished, when it rained and snowed. 

     The pool I wanted to fish had seen a couple of anglers pass through. It was low, clear, and warm, which says "small fly" to me. I knew it wasn't likely the fish had seen something small and somewhat dull, so I tied on a sz. 10 Almost. It wasn't more than a dozen casts into the day when I hooked and landed a salmon. Luckily, my buddy Rog was there to help me net it, which was nice for a change (I usually fish alone). 

     And that was it. There's nothing else to report. I didn't hook anything else and saw only one salmon jump. The fish felt sluggish today, I guess. I have my theories why, but they're just theories. One salmon to hand is fine with me. I've been skunked enough times to know I shouldn't complain!


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